I'm Mireio, the faceless entity that webweaves FUTUREHALF. I'm a creative, and I like to express myself through the use of digital art, music, coding, and whatever else I decide to try my hand at. My hobbies include gaming, character design, writing stories and worldbuilding, websurfing, list making, and acquiring knowledge about niche and esoteric things.


Games: UNDERTALE, DELTARUNE, Ib, Wandersong, LISA, Yuppie Psycho, Brutal Orchestra, Inscryption, Katana Zero, Rhythm Doctor, Terraria, Cave Story, osu!, Pokemon

Shows: Breaking Bad, Hannibal, Naoki Urasawa's Monster

Books/Manga: Land of the Lustrous, Girl from the Other Side, Witch Hat Atelier

Music: T+Pazolite, Surii, Aoris, エイハブ, Polkadot Stingray, Nuyuri, Nilfruits


Email - futurehalf@proton.me


Site Profile - FUTUREHALF

For as long as I can remember, I've always felt that there was some sort of divergence intrinsic to the very nature of my being. The conflict between my ideal self versus my authentic self was the inception of this rift, and when I was young, it splintered my perception of myself heavily. In recent years, however, I've been able to transmogrify this personal burden into something more meaningful. I've compartmentalized parts of my personality that I viewed as inauthentic but fun to work with into personas that I showcase, write as, and perform as on this site. I'm an actor at heart, and these personas are my masks and costumes. I get to fully play out these characters with the power of art and CSS and that simple notion was more than enough to birth FUTUREHALF. That being said though, I, Mireio, am always "me" and do not view my compartmentalized personality facets as different beings -- what I do is merely a pasttime, so please don't take it too seriously.

I am known to be outgoing, ambitious, forthright, silly, hyperactive, scatterbrained, flighty, and leaderlike. My friends have described me as: "a synergistic go-getter with a quick turn-around time who's always expanding her skillsets", "energetic, smart, outgoing... you're very sure about yourself and how you view the world!", "overlord, evil (in that order)", "you have the inner machinations of a terrorist. you hold your ideals very close and you don't let people come between you and your ideals", and "the creator and the destroyer".

Other NAMES or OBSCENITIES which you may refer to me as:

My friends' unanimous favorite seems to be GODKING FAOLAN. I don't know what this says about how they perceive me, although I can only imagine good things.

Oh, some powerlevel quirks that might be worth mentioning: I'm exclusively homosexual, a Korean halfie, and neurodivergent. I didn't know how to organically bring these things up or list them in a way that didn't come across as being needlessly open, but I consider them to be important to who I am as a person so I thought to include them regardless. I guess this is a warning to people who might have complexes about those things not to peruse my site, for their own safety, of course.

My name is
I am
activist, admirer, aggressive, alien, androgynous, angel, bouncy, bubbly, creative, creature, diva, dominant, dreamer, eccentric, eclectic, esoteric, etc., everything, extrovert, female, feminist, freak, friendly, full of hate, full of love, gender abolitionist, gentlewoman, glittery, homosexual, knight, lesbian, lovely, lover, multifacetted, myself, obsessed, odd, passionate, philosopher, pro-choice, pro-gay, quirky, radical, romantic, sacred whore, soft butch, sparkly, spiritual, split-brained, strange, whatever, who cares, witch, wolf, XX
Who are you?

This site is mostly just a means of documenting and archiving things that I create and feel are worth sharing. Here you'll find all sorts of art, music, works-in-progress, thinkpieces, and journal entries that will spread light on the mysterious disembodied voice that is Mireio. On top of that, I've always just wanted a private little cyberspace away from social media. I'm not exactly speedy when it comes to producing polished art or content, which of course, goes directly against social media's algorithmic preferences although this isn't the only reason why I quit social media. I'm pro-privacy, anti-purity culture, anti-sanitization of the internet, and anti-entitlement, and those ideals do not fare well on the modern web. I'll save most of this talk for my future manifesto, but advertisers and young jobless Twitter users alike seem to be trying to cleanse the cyberworld of all the gunk and grime that keeps it interesting, and that's a huge part of why I hate current-day internet.

It's certainly not my intention to come across as preachy, but the policing of others' language, interests, and hobbies because you might disagree with it seems to be popular to the extent that it's hardly escapable. Callouts and L + ratioing strangers who could never communicate fully fledged thoughts within a character limit of 280 characters is so commonplace that Twitter and other large scale social medias are infamous for their toxicity; Tumblr was always a cesspool, Twitter is awful, Reddit is the centerpiece of making fake stories for internet points, Tiktok is unbearable, and Instagram is unintuitive to conversation. And of course on the other hand, social media and the monopoly that is Google cannot keep their paws off of our data. Our privacy is constantly being breached by cookies and algorithms and so much other bullshit that I just can't stand it. Who wants to live like that? Certainly not me, and I'm willing to bet not you either if we're both here on Neocities. Keeping a low profile with just my indie site is about the best I'm going to get in terms of making my shit mine and no one else's, and well, that's about all it took for the inception of FUTUREHALF.

Anyways, most of the graphics are made by me, but I owe a lot of credit to my good friend dead-web! She made the header image on the main page as well as the positive mental attitude stamp. Please give her some love, she's insanely talented and her graphics are SO GOOD! Most of the art on this site belongs to me, but my friend Lulu (no neocities, sad) has made the OIL SLICK art on this page, as well as the OIL SLICK chibi on the main page!